Objectives of the Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a bridge between parents and the school. It was established to facilitate communication between the school and parents, to provide opportunities to assist parents in nurturing the next generation, and to unite the strengths of parents and teachers to enable children to learn and grow. Collecting parents’ opinions about the school is also an important part of the PTA’s work, discussing issues of concern to both parents and the school, and being the highest support for students’ growth.


Parent-Teacher Programmes

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) organises a wide range of activities each year, including student development, parent education and social activities, with a view to enhancing staff, parent-student relationships and providing a better environment for students to grow up in. In addition, the school publishes a regular newsletter for parents to learn more about our school.

  • Our school organizes regular parents’ evenings and parent education seminars;

  • We also organise S3 and S6 parent-teacher conferences to help parents understand the career paths of their students;

  • In-school activities: relaxed mutual-help parent groups, parent-child dumpling-making or handicraft activities;

  • Out-of-school activities: Parent-child trip in autumn, parent-child green trip to Ocean Park in summer holidays;


List of PTA Standing Committees

List of the Standing Committee of the 26th Society of Boys’ Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School
1 Chairman Ms. Chen Hui Li (Parent)
2 Vice-Chairman Ms. Huang Ping Ling (Teacher)
3 Treasurer Ms. Au Hoi Man (Parent)
4 Treasurer Mr. Ng Wai Kit (Teacher)
5 Recreation and Welfare Ms. 肖偉平女士 (Parent)
6 Recreation and Welfare Mr. Chan Woon Kei (Teacher)
7 Secretary Ms. Lok So Ni (Parent)
8 Contacts Ms. Lo Wai Man (Teacher)
9 Advisors Ms. Chan Wai Chi (Principal)