Support for autistic students with severe adjustment difficulties

Our school conducts pre-school assessment and interviews for students, parents and staff of the school, so that our specialists (including social workers, educational psychologists, speech therapists, classroom head teachers, teachers-in-charge of the Special Center for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders with Severe Difficulties, teaching assistants, etc.) can understand the developmental needs of the students and the characteristics of their learning.

Upon enrolment, students will be assigned to different classes according to their study levels and will be provided with socialization courses/training on a pull-out basis according to their needs. Our school adopts a whole-school participation approach and a three-tier support model to help students.


Gifted Education

Our school adopts the concept of “Multiple Intelligences” proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned American developmental psychologist and professor at Harvard University, in the 1980s. Our school believes that ” All things in their being are good for something” and emphasizes gifted education as part of the provision of quality education. We are committed to identifying gifted students with unfulfilled potential and providing them with appropriate training opportunities, so that they will not be deprived of the opportunity to be cared for due to the affordability of their families, and that they will have the opportunity to explore their potential in academic or non-academic areas.



Special Exam Support

Our school can provide special examination support for students with special learning needs so that they can take examinations in an appropriate environment and be assessed fairly. We can provide the following special examination support:

  • Provision of special examination centres for students in need of such services
  • Extension of examination time (normally 25% for written examinations and 15% for multiple-choice questions)
  • Enlargement of words for easy reading and writing
  • Exam paper printed in ivory color
  • Special seating arrangements (e.g. sitting at the front or back of the examination hall)
  • The invigilator reads out words and phrases in the questions that students do not understand.
  • Use of special equipment to assist the examination (e.g. screen readers, speech-to-text software)


Curriculum and Homework Adjustment

Our school provides curriculum and homework accommodations for students with special learning needs, with the aim of catering for individual differences and helping low achievers/struggling students to improve their learning outcomes.

We adopt a whole-school approach, working together to cater for the needs of all students in a student-centered way. Learning outcomes are demonstrated through a variety of activities, learning and assessment methods.

  • Couse Adjustment
  • Teaching Adaptation
  • Evaluation of Adaptation