Learning Areas


Special Features of Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Central Curriculum developed by Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council and the principle of lifelong learning and whole-person development, accommodates with students’ learning ability and learning features, take care of the individual learning difference of social development students. We intend to cultivate the ability of applying biliteracy and trilingualism and multiple intelligence, develop our curriculum flexibly, and promote four significant projects. In doing so, we can provide students with basic and required learning experiences and nurture their generic skills.

  • Primary school curriculum: multiple intelligence activities, school-located support from professional teams, life skills training, guide the students to cultivate communication, creative thinking and problem solving ability, expand the students’ horizons, inspire their potential and reconstruct their strong and healthy mind;

  • Junior high school curriculum: take care the students’ individual learning difference, inspiring their critical thinking and improving their interpersonal communication skills through curriculum tailoring, cross-disciplinary collaborative teaching, special topics study and continuous learning assessment;

  • High school curriculum: arrange students to study four core courses and two elective courses, so as to obtain other learning experiences.      For the Form Four and Form Five students, they should study two Qualifications Framework courses (grade two).

  • Short adaptation course: target at supporting the main stream schools, provide assistance for the students who need help, the mode of studying is very flexible, could be formulated according to the need of the school and the students.