Information Technology Education

Our school is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of learning and teaching, and developing students’ independent learning, problem-solving and collaborative skills. In 2015, the school started to develop e-learning not only by participating in the “WIFI900” programme to strengthen the school’s wireless network infrastructure, the school has also set up an “e-learning facilitation group”, through which teachers can observe and learn from each other by exchanging, demonstrating their skills and sharing their achievements, as well as applying relevant e-learning elements in various subjects, so as to make learning more diversified and to enhance students’ motivation and interest in learning. The school will also encourage all staff and teachers to participate in relevant IT training to keep abreast of the latest development of IT so that teachers can enhance their teaching effectiveness.


Apart from optimizing classroom teaching through the Google Classroom learning platform, teachers will also make use of different e-learning platforms to integrate IT into the classroom in a bid to enhance teaching effectiveness.


In order to further promote e-learning, our school has integrated interactive e-learning into our daily learning and teaching. In 2021, 75 inches of interactive display panels have been installed in all classrooms, replacing the old projector equipment. Teachers can clearly display the teaching materials through interactive teaching activities, as well as interactively assess and discuss with students. In addition, our school hall has been equipped with a large LED electronic scenery board and professional audio equipment, so that students can have a more ideal learning environment, performances and creations, and explore their potentials outside the classroom.