School Introduction

Our school is a full-time school for social development offering a mainstream curriculum for boys with adjustment difficulties from Primary 5 to Secondary 6. We also offer “Short Term Adjustment Programme” lasting from 6 to 12 months, which caters for students with different learning needs through a multi-disciplinary team, and provide students with individual learning support as well as emotional-behavioural counselling, so as to help them integrate into the school life and develop their potentials.


Through diversified learning activities, our school enables students to understand their interests and abilities, build up their self-confidence and enhance their learning motivation. We also provide early career planning for students to develop their comprehensive skills and qualities, and assist them in interfacing their pathways to further studies or employment.


School Mission

We firmly believe that education can change the character, temperament and habits of human being. With love, patience, respect and acceptance, our school provides students with positive counselling, instils the correct life and values philosophy, and helps to cultivate the spirit of self-respect, autonomy and self-reliance, so that they can become enterprising, motivated and responsible citizens.


School Motto

Self-respect, Self-discipline and Self-reliance



Development of Our School


  • Founding: Established in 1978 with the generous donation from Mrs. Hui Chung Sing
  • Original site: Block 1, Upper Pak Tin Estate
  • A total of ten classes from Primary 4 to Secondary 3


  • Cancellation of the primary section, 10 classes for the whole school


  • Moved to 150 Pratas Street, Sham Shui Po in February

1998 – 2002

  • 1998 Received appliance donation from the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Fund for the installation of air-conditioning facilities in all classrooms at school
  • 2002 Commenced operation of Multiple-intelligence Learning Centre funded by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • 2002 Renovation of the Multi-Purpose Ballcourt with funding from the Quality Education Fund


  • Establishment of the Incorporated Management Committee at our school

2009 – 2011

  • 2009 Our school was authorized by the Education Bureau to offer the senior Secondary 1 (S4) programme.
  • 2010 Extension of the senior Secondary 2 (S5) Programme
  • 2011 Extension of the operation of the senior Secondary 3 (S6) programme to complete the whole senior secondary class structure


  • 愛丁堡公爵國際獎勵計劃大使英國威塞克斯伯爵夫人到訪


  • Completion of the fitness room and launched fitness interest activities


  • Our school resumed the operation of the primary section and offered Primary 5 and Primary 6 programmes


  • Special Centre Pilot Project for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders with Severe Adjustment Disorder (SADD) Launched
  • Opening of STEAM Special Room
  • Activation of Multimedia Creative Studio


  • Education Bureau’s approval and funding for the commencement of advance works for the construction of additional fireman’s lifts granted