Service Mission

  • Fundamental Beliefs
We respect the uniqueness and dignity of the individual. We believe that people and environments can change and influence each other. Therefore, we endeavour to create a harmonious and healthy environment that fosters goodness of characters and develops children’s unique potential.
  • Who We Serve

In every society, there are children in unfavourable circumstances who face many challenges in their growth, resulting in difficulties in adapting to their family, schooling and community. Through our professional services, we help these children to reintegrate into the community and become responsible and contributing members of society.

  • Professional Services
We are committed to understanding, accepting and caring, and to teaching children in a spirit of professionalism, so that they can grow up in a loving environment.
  • Environmental Intervention
We actively advocate for the acceptance of children in unfavourable circumstances, and endeavour to expand our service resources, develop different service modes and assist families to achieve their proper functions.
  • Our Staff
We strive for a group of staff with a sense of purpose, who are constantly self-reflecting, learning, and who value teamwork.
  • Our Management
Our management is creative, communicative, committed to developing the potential of our staff and encouraging their active participation in the development of the organisation.




Brief History of Development

  • 1952 The Shanghai Street Children’s Centre was founded by Dr. T. J. Hua, the Rev. Smith and Mr. Peterson, Principal Probation Officer of the Government.
  • 1963 The Centre moved to Shing Tak Street. The Boys’ Centre was established.
  • 1966 Norway Hostel was taken over and renamed Un Chau Hostel.

  • 1970 A school was established at the same building as Boys’ Centre School.

  • 1974 Chak Yan Centre and Chak Yan Centre School commenced operation.
  • 1974 Boys’ Centre and Boys’ Centre School were renamed Shing Tak Centre and Shing Tak Centre School.
  • 1974 The Society’s name changed to Society of Boys’ Centres.
  • 1978 Hui Chung Sing Memorial School was established at Pak Tin Estate.
  • 1983 Chak Yan Centre School (Secondary Section) was established and commenced operation.
  • 1988 Cheung Hong Hostel commenced operation. It started as a Hostel for licensees discharged from Government Boys’ Homes. Later it changed to help secondary boys with adjustment problems.

  • 1989 Un Chau Hostel Expansion Project completed.

  • 1997 Hui Chung Sing Memorial School moved to Pratas Street in Cheung Sha Wan.
  • 2001 Multiple-intelligence Learning Centre funded by The Hongkong Bank Foundation commenced operation at Hui Chung Sing Memorial School.

  • 2001 Chak Yan Centre School Extension Project completed.
  • 2003 Un Chau Hostel Renovation Project completed.

  • 2004 Cheung Hong Hostel Renovation Project completed.

  • 2005 Shing Tak Centre and Shing Tak Centre School moved to Lee On Lane new site in Kwun Tong.

  • 2006 School Improvement Project of Chak Yan Centre School completed.

  • 2008 The old Shing Tak Centre at Shing Tak Street was renovated to “SBC Hongkong Bank Foundation Learning Development Centre”; named after a donation by the Hongkong Bank Foundation.

  • 2015 Shing Tak Centre School CPC Hall Renovation completed.
  • 2016 Arts Development Base with Art@L at the SBC Hongkong Bank Foundation Learning Development Centre.

  • 2018 Completion of improvement works at Chak Yan Centre.

  • 2018 HUI Chung Sing Memorial School commenced Primary 5 and Primary 6 programmes.