Our Services

We are a group social development school for secondary school boys with adjustment difficulties. Students who are frequently in conflict with the regulations or have emotional behavioural problems are our target group. Our services include the following:

( a ) Long-term students: The school offers a full curriculum from Primary 5 to Secondary 6. Boys who are eligible for our services can be introduced to their parents through the School Social Worker, Discipline Counsellor, Family Service Social Worker, Outreach Social Worker or Probation Officer, and with the consent of the parents, arrangements can be made for the students to be admitted to our school.

( b ) Short-term Adaptation Programme: This programme is open to students who have been referred by mainstream schools and are in need of our school’s services. Students enrolled in this programme will stay in our school as boarders for three to twelve months for behavioural improvement training. Upon completion of the programme, if the student meets the expected standards of behavioural improvement, he/she will return to his/her home school to continue his/her studies. The programme provides relief of pressure to the teachers of the referring schools and enables the referred students to have a temporary change of learning environment to improve their behaviour.

Admission Procedures

For students who wish to be referred for admission to our long term or short term adapted programmes, they are required to fill in the Electronic System for Application for Placement in School for Social Development/ Residential Home (eAppSSD) of the Central Co-ordinating Referral Mechanism for the referred students, which is processed by the Special Education Referral Unit of the Education Bureau. For enquiries, please contact our school social worker.

Points to note for completing the Electronic System for Application for Placement in School for Social Development/ Residential Home (eAppSSD):

  1. The completion of the application form should state clearly the student’s performance in school.
  2. Describe when the student has been referred to the social worker for follow-up and attach a progress report.
  3. Consent from the student and his/her parents is required for the referral.

Dormitory services for needy students

If our students are in need of accommodation due to insufficient family care or unsatisfactory family functioning, they may apply for admission to our hostels in Shamshuipo Yuen Chau Hostel or Tsing Yi Cheung Hong Hostel. Our school also maintains close contact and co-operation with the above hostels to provide students with a well-cared for boarding and meals and school bus transportation services. We also provide counselling, recreational and developmental activities to meet the needs of our students after school, so as to cultivate their self-reliance and self-discipline, and to provide students with a good residential environment for their improvement.

For those who apply for admission to our school and hostel services, in addition to the eAppSSD (Electronic System for Application for Placement in School for Social Development/ Residential Home), a completed CRSRC form should be returned to the Central Referral System for Residential Child Care Services of the Social Welfare Department (7/F, Wu Chung Mansion, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai).

Our school welcomes visitors from all walks of life. Please contact our social worker if you need any assistance.