Principal Speech 2023
4th September 2023

The new school year has commenced, and we stand ready to embrace fresh challenges and opportunities. I firmly believe that through the collective efforts of our dedicated teachers and motivated students, this academic year will be characterized by substantial growth and fruitful outcomes.

Education encompasses not only the imparting of knowledge but also the cultivation of students’ character and values. Our school places great emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of our students. We strive to provide a supportive learning environment and abundant educational resources, enabling our students to fully realize their potential, strive for excellence, and study diligently.

I am pleased to announce that our school has successfully met the Academic Standard Objectives (ASOs) and Qualification Level 2 (QL2) criteria for four programs, as assessed by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Consequently, we are now able to offer the following school-based curriculum to students from S4 to S5:

    • Certificate in School Workshop Assistant (QF Level 2)

    • Certificate in Esport and Recreation Assistant (QF Level 2)

    • Certificate in Coach Assistant on Resistance Training (QF Level 2)

    • Certificate in Party-food Production (QF Level 2)
In addition to the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) curriculum, our students have the opportunity to pursue these Qualifications Framework (QF) accredited learning programs during their senior secondary studies. These programs not only enrich their learning experiences but also assist them in exploring potential career pathways and establishing a solid foundation for future development. By participating in these programs, students can acquire practical skills and knowledge, while obtaining recognition for their qualifications in relevant fields. This will undoubtedly facilitate their academic and vocational growth in the future.
I sincerely hope that students will cherish these valuable learning opportunities and equip themselves to meet the challenges of our ever-evolving society. Each student possesses unique values and talents. I encourage all students to actively engage in various on-campus learning activities, to embrace failure without fear, and to display the courage to try new endeavors. By doing so, they can not only unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding results but also contribute to society with the knowledge, skills, and values they have acquired.
Warm regards,
Ms Chan Wai Chi Vinncci