Working Objectives

  1. To promote whole-person development of students, Other Learning Experiences (OLE) are implemented under the New Senior Secondary curriculum to complement the New Senior Secondary subjects;

  2. Provide students with opportunities for a variety of “Other Learning Experiences” (OLE), including moral and civic education, work-related experiences, social service learning, arts development, and physical education development.

Other Learning Experiences Suggested minimum allocation of lesson time (%) Proposed minimum allocation of lesson time (or equivalent to learning hours)(%)
  • Moral and civic education
5 % 135 hours
  • Work-related experience
  • Social Service Learning
  • Arts Development
5 % 135 hours
  • Physical education development
5 % 135 hours
  405 hours


Moral and Civic Education

  • Our school has always attached great importance to the moral and civic education of our students, in order to cultivate them to be responsible for themselves, others, society and the country.

  • Different types of seminars and exchange activities are organized for the active participation of different students.

  • Set up a flag-raising team to deepen students’ understanding of the motherland.


Work-related Experience

  • Organize lunchtime industry talks for students to learn about the development and knowledge of different industries.

  • Career Counseling Program, conducted during assembly meeting time, with materials provided by the Careers Teacher and taught by the head teacher of the classroom;

  • Career and college visits and talks on further education provide students with a clear understanding of their career paths.


Social Services

  • Flag-selling was arranged for the students, and the service targets of the service organizations were introduced beforehand, which was held once a year for each class in S4 and S5 to cultivate the spirit of service to others.

  • Expand the activities of the Senior Citizens Academy to provide training programs so that students can learn to get along with different people.

  • Collaborate with other organizations to allow students to visit different organizations, so that students can have a deeper understanding of and contribute to the society.


Arts Development

  • Provide additional art courses for high school students to cultivate an attitude of appreciating art.

  • Continuing the interest class of Physical Education and Arts in junior high school, students will learn to appreciate different kinds of arts.

  • Through organizing different arts activities for senior secondary students to visit or appreciate, they can master the methods and skills of expression in arts activities, so that they can express their feelings effectively.


Physical Education Development

  • To develop students’ interest in sports by integrating physical education into the formal curriculum.

  • Provide different non-formal sports activities, including: sports day, swimming gala, physical fitness training, etc.

  • To enable students to improve their physical fitness to a certain level.