Social Work Service Support

Two Assistant Social Work Officers (ASWOs) and one part-time Social Work Officer (SWO) are employed to assist in the planning and implementation of school-based social work services, providing professional counseling and various support services to all students, parents and staff. In addition, the social workers also assist in establishing community networks and utilizing social resources to provide comprehensive and long-term support and follow-up services to students.

Service Objectives
To provide positive counseling to teachers, students and parents in need in a respectful and accepting manner, to instill in students the correct concepts of life and values, and to help cultivate the spirit of self-respect, autonomy and self-reliance, so as to promote them to become enterprising, motivated and responsible civilians.


Student Support Level

  • Enrollment Support
    1. Processing and receiving applications referred by the Education Bureau (EDB)
    2. Arranging enrollment and orientation for new incoming students
    3. Evaluating students’ emotional, behavioral and social conditions and formulating enrollment goals and improvement plans.

  • Student Support
    1. Arranging an orientation program to enable new students to adapt and integrate into campus life as soon as possible
    2. Setting up and regularly updating students’ personal files, formulating an individual counseling plan with each student annually, and reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan on a timely basis
    3. Collaborate with professionals from other service units outside the school (e.g. family service social workers, welfare officers, probation officers, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) in addressing the challenges faced by students
    4. Participate in individual student case conferences and take notes and follow-up actions
    5. Design and implementation of developmental, preventive and remedial growth teams
    6. Promoting and organizing students’ participation in school activities and community services
    7. Utilize community resources to advocate for the welfare of students to meet their growth/family needs.

  • School Leaving Support
    1. Follow-up services for students proceeding to / returning to mainstream schools
    2. Follow-up / support services for integrated school leavers


Parent Support Level

  • Provide parent counseling work, and arrange for support, counseling and referrals as neededWork with families to help their children adapt to school life and grow up healthily.
  • To promote parent education through seminars, workshops and information dissemination to enhance parents’ understanding of youth (and their culture) and to share effective parent-child communication skills.
  • Provide a platform to enhance communication among family members and improve mutual trust and cooperation among parents and children.
  • Promoting the development of PTA’s services and strengthening home-school co-operation


Staff Support Level

  • Attend class counseling meetings and/or individual case conferences on a regular basis, in cooperation with teachers and staff, to facilitate the implementation of the student counseling plan.
  • Provide regular professional training for staff to keep them abreast of the time in a bid to know the latest services/youth culture in the community.
  • Provide individual counseling to staff in need.


Community Support Level

  • Receiving public enquiries, arranging school visits, introducing the school’s educational philosophy and strengthening the link between the school and the community.
  • Liaise with government departments, NGOs and local organizations to establish community networks and secure more resources for schools and students.