Educational Psychologist

Our school has an Educational Psychologist who is stationed at the school one day a week to provide appropriate support to students, and to analyse and make recommendations to teachers and the school, the main support includes:

School Support Level

  • To assist our school in formulating a Whole School Approach (WSA) policy to cater for the diverse educational needs of students, to identify and support students with learning and/or adjustment difficulties at an early stage, and to promote the development of positive attributes of students in the school

  • To assist our school in formulating crisis management policies and mechanisms, and to provide professional advice and support in handling school crises.


Teacher Support Level

  • To assist teachers in the early identification and support of students with special educational needs (SEN)

  • To provide professional advice to teachers to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching to cater for the diverse learning needs of students

  • Enhancement of staff knowledge and skills to cater for students’ individual, community and learning needs, e.g. organisation of professional development activities


Student Support Level

  • Provide educational psychological assessment for students.

  • Provide intervention services for students directly or in collaboration with school personnel (e.g. teachers, student counsellors, school social workers)

  • Collaborate with school personnel to promote home-school co-operation and provide training programmes for parents to cater for students’ learning and growth needs