Life Planning Aims

  • To help students understand their career / academic aspirations.
  • To develop students’positive attitudes towards work and learning.
  • To link students’ career / academic aspirations to whole-person development and lifelong learning.
  • To train students to apply learnt knowledge, skills and attitudes.



Through career planning education, students can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to make judicious choices on further studies/careers in accordance with their interests, abilities and directions, and to link career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and lifelong learning.


Life Planning Members

  • Miss. Siu Po Kei (Life Planning Panel)
  • Mr. Cheung Yiu Man (Teacher), Ms. Lo Wai Man (Teacher), Ms. Tai Tsz Kiu (Teacher)
  • Mr. Tin Hin Cheung (Social Worker), Mr. Wong Ka Leong (Social Worker)


Three elements of Life Planning

This group helps students to construct a career plan which consists of three elements:

  1. Self-understanding and development
    • Career aptitude assessment tests such as the Education Bureau’s “My Life Planning Portfolio” and “Career Mapping”, together with “My E-Lesson” life planning strategy classroom activities, are used to enable students to learn about themselves and explore their personal aspirations.

  2. Occupational Exploration

    • Provide work-related experiential activities such as seminars/work experience activities in collaboration with the Business-School Partnership Programme, Youth Employment Start, Labour Department, Employees Retraining Board and the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, etc., so as to equip students with knowledge of the latest employment training, job opportunities, employability skills and trends in the world of working environment.

  3. Career Planning and Management
    • To organise studies seminars for students and parents to keep them abreast of the latest trends in further education.

    • To organise seminars on interviewing skills and mock interview workshops for students to master the basic requirements and skills of interviewing.