Inspiring students’ potential is one of our school’s important educational objectives. Over the past year, our school’s educational team has thoroughly reviewed the school’s curriculum, and to move closer to this educational objective, we are promoting “all-round development.” The primary department has established a visual arts course this academic year to cultivate students’ creativity and imagination. The middle school department’s junior high school has established a music course and increased science classes. The senior high school department has also established two elective courses, physical education and visual arts, allowing students to have more opportunities to choose subjects they enjoy. In addition, to broaden the learning experiences of high school students, our school has established four school-based courses, including: 1) Party Food Production Course, 2) Equipment Fitness Instructor Course, 3) E-sports and Recreational Assistant Course and 4) STEM Factory Assistant Course, allowing students to explore their career aspirations and conduct comprehensive career planning.
In addition, this academic year, we have transformed the interest class into the “all-round development course.” Through learning activities in the three categories of “physical and artistic development,” “career planning,” and “service learning,” we aim to cultivate students’ talents in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic aspects, hoping to provide a more comprehensive and balanced curriculum to cater to students’ different needs and orientations, and inspire students to implement career planning, making campus life more exciting and rich.
Dear classmates, in addition to gratitude towards your families for their expectations and teachings, you should also not forget to appreciate your teachers, who have dedicated themselves to educating and cultivating you, and have made every effort to provide you with different learning opportunities, allowing people from all walks of society to get to know you and appreciate your learning achievements. At the same time, you should also learn to seize opportunities and work hard. There are many successful people in society who were born into low-income families and had difficult childhoods, but they changed their fate through hard work and relentless spirit.
Every classmate has their own potential and strengths. Some classmates have outstanding mathematical abilities, while others have exceptional perseverance. As long as we understand our own characteristics, try our best to overcome the various challenges in our growth, actively participate in campus life, explore our potential and advantages, and let our talents shine, I am convinced that classmates will find their own path to success.
Principal Chan Wai Chi
September 1, 2022